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Interactive whiteboard for project collaboration

Interactive whiteboards allow distributed team to collaborate and brainstorm in one place. Brainstorming alternatives such as conference calls and group emails don't work well, and with teams in multiple locations it is usually not cost effective to conduct in-person sessions. Whiteboard collaboration combines the intimacy of the group discussion without the limitations of cumbersome or asynchronous technology.
Some software companies sell interactive Whiteboard as a standalone solution, but with Binfire, it's integrated into our Project Management and Collaboration software.

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Features and Functionality

Centralized Brainstorming for Everyone to Access

With Whiteboard collaboration, team members can share ideas, ask for feedback on a document or image, or request input about a new concept from the group. Anyone with project access can join the group, add comments or questions, or even scribble a note on the board.

Whiteboard Collaboration

Real-Time Team Collaboration

In real-time you get a dedicated interactive space to collaborate with team members within your organization, or with partners & customers outside the firewall. Even if someone is not available for a live whiteboard session, they can access the Interactive Whiteboard at a later time.

Limitless Brainstorming

There is no limit to how long a whiteboard session lasts or how many people can participate. Whether you are working on an architectural plan or mapping out a new process, the Interactive Whiteboard allows every team member to make a suggestion or comment without ever running out of space or bandwith.

S.M.A.R.T. Interactive Whiteboard

Allon Mason, CEO of

My entire team works virtually. We would never have the budget to fly everyone in for a meeting. We open a single interactive whiteboard for each brainstorming idea & then leave it in use until the end of a project.

Allon Mason, CEO of